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How to Succeed in Music by Really Trying

When I was a student at the Eastman School of Music, my French horn teacher always told his students that is was not necessarily the most talented students who had successful careers--those that wanted a career the most were the ones who got ahead. Nowadays, some music schools offer classes in building a career, but for those who don't have access to such a class (and even for those who do), there is "Beyond Talent" by Angela Beeching, which is just out in its third edition.

Her valuable book is just what all aspiring classical musicians need to take control of their careers. This comprehensive guide ranges from the prosaic putting together of a professional resume to brainstorming the kinds of organizations that might be interested in hiring musicians to budgeting and seeking grants. All that and more is covered in this book. With the number of musicians graduating from universities and conservatories every year far outnumbering the available positions in performing arts ensembles, this book is a must-read to all those who are determined to have a successful and sustainable career as a professional musician.


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