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Managing Unforseen Changes

When I recently started work on a grant application for next year , I went back to review the application the nonprofit had submitted for the current year. I was surprised and alarmed to discover it had requested funding for two events that had been cancelled! How were we going to report on this? Would this failure to carry out those events doom the new request? There was only one way to find out: contact the foundation and explain the situation and tell them (briefly) about what we were doing instead of those events.

To my great relief, the foundation gave their permission to switch focus of the grant to the new programming and did so without requiring us to submit a new application and budget. It's always better to keep funders informed of any major changes in programming related to their grant as soon as possible. Never wait until the report if due to bring them up to date. Remember: the funder wants you to succeed by using their money wisely. The last thing they want is to ask you to return the grant money, but if you blindside them, that might be their only option.


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