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The Hallmarks of a

Good Grant Writer

Keep the best practices of grant writing always in mind

Gold Seal of Excellence

Just as the stamp on the bottom of a silver vase indicates it is of first-class materials, the hallmarks of a good grant writer signal to one and all that you are the real deal--you know the ins and outs of the grant process. Keep these reminders by your side, and you’ll produce a professional proposal every time.

Hallmarks of Good Research

  • Uses multiple sources for information

  • Compares funders’ stated interests with the grants they make

  • Includes research on the individuals associated with funders


Hallmarks of Good Grant Writing

  • Follows all of the funder’s instructions

  • Strives for succinctness and to be jargon-free

  • Remains focused on who will benefit from the funding, not the needs to the charity providing the service


Hallmarks of Good Funder Stewardship

  • Seeks to educate and cultivate funders before soliciting a grant

  • Thanks funders promptly upon receiving notice of funding

  • Keeps funders informed of the progress of funded activities

  • Submits thorough and timely reports on every program to every funder

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